Lay Organizations

Strengthening the Fellowship of the young people serving God and the community


Quezon District UMYF

This summer the young people of both the Districts of Laguna and Quezon held their respective summer camp. The young people of Laguna held their summer camp at the Jesus Reigns UMC in Pila, Laguna with the theme “Net-work” last May 23-25, 2017, while Quezon District youth held their summer camp at Atimonan UMC in Atimonan, Quezon entitled “Re-Connect: Therefore, Go”.

In Laguna, Rev. Emellyn Dellosa of Kalayaan UMC spoke about Wesleyan heritage which refreshes the delegates about the origin of Methodist faith and how this faith have touched many lives experiencing God’s love and sharing it with the community. They also have a lecture on “Philippine Drug War” which aims to teach the young people how to respond to social issue especially the War on Drugs policy of the government. They delegates also have the opportunity of community immersion where they can relate their faith with different types of people in the community.  They also invited Eileen Maglanque from Nueva Ecija (MidPAC), the vice-president for Manila Episcopal Area, who speaks at the evangelistic night.


Laguna District UMYF community immersion

quezonmyf-reconnect 4

small group discussion (Quezon District UMYF)

In Quezon, the two delegates to the leadership training for UMYF and UMYAF held in the Rizal Conference, Jester Querubin (chairperson of Atimonan UMC) and Chrisel Chavarria (President, Quezon District UMYAF) shared their knowledge and experiences in the said training and talk about connecting with God and Christian Leadership. Shannie Ann Veluz (Atimonan UMC)  and Joshua Arevalo (Vice President, STPPACE UMYF) lectured on the delegates about the UMC’s Social Principles. The two were delegates to the “Social Principles Seminar held in Manila.

lagunamyf-network 2

Aside from lectures they conduct sports fest and team building activity. A majority of the delegates were from High School level for the College students still have their classes. This current situation were College and Universities have adopted August as the start of the school year. This affected Quezon District which has 35 delegates while Laguna District has 48.

The annual officers of STPPACE UMYF participated in the two summer camp as part of the staff.


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