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UMYF Pro-claims God’s love and goodness


Laguna District Christmas Institute group activity

This year’s Christmas Institute the STPPACE UMYF adopted the theme “Pro-claim” from the National UMYF which aims to affirm and support the sacredness of the individual person as created and loved by God and claims his grace and blessings for every person. Though held in their respective district the annual officers handled both CI. The reason behind the word “proclaim” was hyphened is because of its emphasis on the word “pro” which means to support and affirm and “claim” which is to make own God’s love and promises.


Quezon District Christmas Institute Big Group activity

In Quezon Province, it was held at the Atimonan UMC working with the Quezon District UMYF officers. Present in this event are annual conference officers Joshua Arevalo who serves as the CI director with Hanz Pedida and Lorraine Tejada. In Laguna, the annual conference president Christianne Eunice Romero was in charge with Puriza Cajefe, Josue Pacto and Justine Dacanay and it was held at Jesus Reigns UMC in Pila, Laguna.

More than 80 delegates attended in Laguna District CI with pastors and deaconesses while around 50 delegates attended in Quezon Province. Inspite of the super typhoon that hits the first day of the Christmas Institute it never affected the event and every delegates were safe.


Laguna District UMYF

Aside from lectures and Bible studies, both CI held lecture on social issues. Quezon District dealt with Climate Change and Laguna District discusses one of the sensitive issues affecting the young people which is the early pregnancy.

Rev. DS Francis Pera delivered the message to both of its Consecration Service challenges  the young people to “THEREFORE GO” as they pro-claim God’s goodness and grace.


Quezon District UMYF


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