STPPACE Empowerment Seminar held in Laguna at Pacita UMC

The second seminar of Empowerment was held at the Pacita United Methodist Church last August 28, 2016 in line with their celebration of 33rd Anniversary in partnership with the United Followers of Christ Training Center headed by Olive De Leon a lay leader of Grace UMC and a lay delegate to the Philippines Annual Conference who is also one of the speakers of the event.

Pastor VJ Bote from Bulacan and Pastor Ver Dumantay who are members of the UFTC gave the topic on Empowerment and the Principle of the Seed respectively. Church members and church workers of Laguna attended the event with some pastors of Quezon District with a number of members from Atimonan UMC.

The first seminar of Empowerment was held in Quezon District at the Atimonan UMC. It aims to follow up on those who have made their commitment to Christ especially those who have attended the Heart Warming Experience which is also known as Encounter God Retreat. The seminar also aims church members and even church workers to have a deeper and renewed relationship with God being equipped in the ministry. This is part of the program of the UMC DOC as facilitated by DS Francis Pera.


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