Regular Annual Conference Session

The 8th Regular Session of STPPACE

8thsessionThe 8th regular session of the Southern Tagalog Provisional Annual Conference East was held last March 18 and 19, 2016 at the Atimonan UMC in Atimonan, Quezon Province presided by Bishop Rudy Juan the resident bishop of the Manila Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church.

Bishop Juan challenges the delegates of spiritual mindedness like of the seven deacons which includes the first Christian martyr Stephen from the New Testament in every day life and ministry. He also stress joyful service as key for carrying on the ministry of the Lord.

8th session 3

The Rev. Francis Pera the conference superintendent of the STPPACE of its two districts presented its maiden report. He highlighted the radical implementation of the United Methodist Church – Disciples of Christ among the churches where it brought growth in these churches in terms of leaders and number of disciples and also manifested is the increase of church funds as reflected in the financial report. Julie Capulong the outgoing conference lay leader featured the ministries of the laity of the churches which are bright spots of spiritual growth.

On this session they elected new officers for the new quadrennium 2016 – 2020. Noel Santos from Pacita UMC (Laguna) was elected as new lay leader of the conference. Rev. Leonora Macaday, pastor of Calamba UMC was elected as conference secretary. Roy Robles a lay minister was elected as the conference statistician and also as the chair of the Board of Trustees.

Pastor Federico Quinit Jr. of Simbayan UMC (Quezon) and Pastor Rowena Hular and EL Rey UMC (Laguna) was accepted as Associate Members of the conference in the roll of the clergy. Pastor Cris Pera a seminary student and currently the pastor of Pinagbayan UMC (Laguna) was accepted as provisional member leading to elder’s ordination.

8thsession 2

A Seminar on Human Sexuality was conducted by the MEA executive secretary Blessie Jose to promote awareness of sexual abuse not just in the community but also among the churches and church workers.

This was the second time the Atimonan UMC hosted the session of the STPPACE. The first time it hosted was last in the year 2014. Now, it showed major renovation of the church from the new roofing, walls, altar and the façade.


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