Lay Organizations

Christiane Eunice is the president of the STPPACE UMYFP for another term

STPPACE UMYF Officers 2016-2018Every two years the United Methodist Youth Fellowship of the Philippines of Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference elects its officers during the annual youth conference usually held at the time of Christmas Institute. This new biennial (two year term) of 2016 to 2018, the new president of the UMYFP of STPPACE is Christiane Eunice Romero a member of the Sta. Rosa UMC. Others were also reelected and some were new.

Joshua Arevalo of Alabat UMC is again the vice president. Hanz Pedida of Calamba UMC is the secretary and Josua Pacto of Sta. Rosa UMC as Finance Officer. The heads of the departments were Lorraince Tejada of Calamba UMC for Finance, Puriza Cajefe of Atimonan UMC for Information, Communications and Resource Development, Justin Dacanay of Pacita UMC for Ecumenism , Church and Society Affairs and Mae Angela Pealane of Atimonan UMC for Christian Nuture Formation.

Every one of them receives at least two thirds before being elected as officers of the UMYFP in an election held by the annual youth conference as prescribed by the UMYFP constitution. Four delegates from each local church including the president compose the AYC. Through prayer and discernment they chose from themselves the position in which they will hold. And they will hold the office for two year term.

The AYC was held during this years’ Christmas Institute which was held in Majayjay, Laguna last December 26 – 30, 2015.





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