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Celebrating Christmas together as a Conference

Xmas2015 6

For the first time the church workers and lay people of Laguna and Quezon Districts celebrated Christmas together as annual conference last December 12, 2015 held at San Pablo UMC in San Pablo, Laguna. It is a joyous moment for both the church workers even the laity to celebrate together as a conference for they celebrate it together when they we’re still one district which is the Laguna Quezon Mission District. When they become annual conference some activities and events like Christmas fellowship we’re done by their respective districts.

Xmas2015 4

The Clergy Spouses Association performed an umbrella dance led by Gemma Pera the wife of the Conference Superintendent Rev. Francis Pera which is one of the first time feature for the Christmas party for the conference that the said association were organized and performed a special number. They dance with  their new T Shirt and umbrella from a certain sponsor.

Xmas2015 workers

Laguna Church Workers


Xmas2015 quezon

Quezon Workers and Laity


The Pastors and the deaconesses of both districts rendered a song. The church workers received their gifts from the laity which is one of the anticipated part of the program especially for the church workers. Of course its the fellowship with one another is one of the most important part of the activity and above all celebrate the reason for the season that is celebrating the birth of the Messiah. This festive moment is only an outward expression of the inner joy having a savior born to this world for the salvation of sins and the redemption of mankind.


Xmas2015 7.jpg


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