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Renewed in Encountering God as if for the first time

Bishop Juan challenges church workers for deeper commitment in Christ

Bishop Juan challenges church workers for deeper commitment in Christ

The church workers of Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference last time have attended the Pre Encounter God Retreat in their respective districts the Laguna and Quezon. Last August 20 – 22, 2015 they gathered for single Encounter God Retreat for the whole Conference held at the Pacita United Methodist Church in San Pedro, Laguna.

EGR aug2015

Pastors, deaconesses and even their spouses attended this spiritual retreat that renews their personal commitment to Christ and their vow to the ministry. The event was conducted by Conference Superintendent Rev. Francis Pera whose passion is to serve the conference as superintendent to focus and strengthen spiritual lives of his church workers through this discipleship program of the Manila Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church.

EGR aug2015 2

Bishop Rudy Juan resident of the Manila Episcopal Area also gave lecture for the event. This retreat which serves as spiritual renewal for the church workers would launch the unified program of discipleship called the United Methodist Church -Disciples of Christ. This would prepare pastors to conduct to the churches an opportunity to challenge and invite both church members and new comers to a commitment in Christ. And part of this program is to integrate the church members and also new comers to small groups called care group for accountable discipleship through regular meeting.

This program would strengthen discipleship and evangelism of each local churches though it is not mandatory but encourage other churches to have their own effective program of discipleship.


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