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DS Francis and family now settled in Laguna

new ds parsonage 2

Rev. Francis Pera the new district superintendent of both Laguna and Quezon Districts have now transferred his residence in San Pablo City in Laguna Province at Zoe Street, ADB Subdivision, San Pablo City last May 26, 2015 along with his wife Gemma Pera. He was accompanied by the young people of the Body of Christ UMC a local church in Rizal Conference which was DS Francis last local  church appointment.

Gemma Pera, wife of DS Francis pose with young people of Body of Christ UMC

Gemma Pera, wife of DS Francis pose with young people of Body of Christ UMC

new ds parsonage 3

He was also accompanied by some pastors and lay people of the Laguna District with outgoing district superintendent of Laguna Rev. Emellyn Dellosa. The new district parsonage was a rented house with the courtesy of Rev. Dexter Ceballos of Pacita UMC a former DS of Laguna District.

San Pablo City was chosen as a place for the new district parsonage for it was the most accesible to both Laguna and Quezon District. There is also a local church in San Pablo City located in Baranggay Guadalupe where Pastor Babylencia Laude was the pastor in charge.

new ds parsonage 4

new ds parsonage 5

DS Francis will be serving as district superintendent to Laguna District and Quezon District with around 15 local churches and mission congregation and 10 local churches including mission congregations respectively. Though few in churches both districts or the whole annual conference covers the whole 2 provinces of Laguna and Quezon with a total of around1, 000, 000 hectares of area. The new district parsonage and office in Laguna is around 100 kilometers from Manila.

There will be also an office in Quezon District which the Atimonan UMC in Atimonan, Quezon offers a room in  one of its parsonages.


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