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UMC DOC downloading in Quezon and Laguna


UMC DOC in Laguna District – delegates were group by twos for sharing

Rev DS Magusig “John” Manalo of Cavite Conference held a downloading seminar of the United Methodist Church – Disciple of Christ in Quezon last November 13 and 14 and at Laguna Districts last November 15 and 16 part of the discipleship program of the Manila Episcopal Area Bishop Rudy Juan of creating a unified system of accountable discipleship in the Manila Area and even in the whole country. This is DS John’s second to the last downloading seminar tour on all the annual conference of the Manila Area and the last is in South West Philippines Annual Conference in Mindoro Provinces.

UMC DOC in Laguna District

UMC DOC in Laguna District

The seminar in Quezon District we’re attended by 23 church workers and lay people held at the Atimonan United Methodist Church in Atimonan, Quezon while the seminar in Laguna District was held at the Pacita United Methodist Church in San Pedro, Laguna and was attended by 27 church workers and lay people.

UMC DOC in Quezon District

UMC DOC in Quezon District

The program was based on the popular discipleship system among other evangelical churches which is known as the G12. According to DS John, G12 system is an inspiration from the cell group system implemented in one of the biggest evangelical church in South Korea and in which one of its keys to its massive growth. And the cell group system as design by its pastor – Rev. Yonggi Cho was based on the class meetings of the early Methodists at the time of Joh Wesley.



It is one of the ways of reviving the class meetings of John Wesley which is one of the goal of the UMC DOC in organizing small group or to be called as care group as explained by DS John. Whatever term one might called it the aim was to organize church members into a small group to watch over themselves in spiritual growth. It also encourages lay people to lead small groups aside from the pastor. It equips all church members for leadership in discipleship even in evangelism and for ministry.

UMC DOC in Quezon District

UMC DOC in Quezon District

One of the feature of the system is the use of personal reflection on a selected scripture text which is the main focus of the group discussion aside from any devotional material which encourages each person to have their own reflection and application of the text. It is also a way of monitoring the spiritual conditions of every church member in a local church. It is also a venue for evangelism as one of its goal that is to invite other people especially non members to join their spiritual journeying together.


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