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Walis Tambo (Broomstick) a livelihood for the Dumagat

1017057_10201107760752390_471362643_nA livelihood seminar workshop about “walis tambo” (broomstick out of rasa plant)  was held for the Dumagat in Baranggay Minahan Norte of the town of General Nakar by the Bayan ni Hesus – Pamayanang Katutubo – the indigenous community ministries last June 18 – 20, 2013.


The seminar was facilitated by Rev. Marven Chavarria – the director of Pamayanang Katutubo and Rev. Mervin Anthony Montano the project head. Julita Astubesa, the non dumagat wife of Eleno Astubesa, was the resource person and taught the Dumagat in the area about walis tambo making. Women and the men participated in the making of the broom. The men prepared the wooden stick handle while the women and their daughters were taught from preparing the Rasa to the weaving onto the wooden stick.


Out of the bundle of Rasa about 70 pieces is expected to be made by the Dumagat community. The broom costs P 100 and 40 % of the proceeds will go directly to the Dumagats and its 30% is the provision for the materials. And the remaining 20% will go to the Bayan ni Hesus – Pamayanang Katutubo Fund.


Another project which will be scheduled is basket making which will be introduced by Mario Bona – a non dumagat husband of Marites Bona.

The livelihood seminar was part of the one year program of the Bayan ni Hesus – Pamayanang Katutubo – an indigenous community (ethnic) ministries of the  Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference under of its Board of Church and Society and was funded by the Ethnic Local Church Grant of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church.


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