Bishops Juan, Torio, Francisco will lead the UMC in the Philippines for new quadrennium

bishops for the quadBishop Rudy Juan, Bishop Pedro Torio Jr. and Bishop Ciriaco Francisco will lead the United Methodist Church in the Philippines for the new quadrennium. They were elected during the 20th session of the Philippines Central Conference held at Bayombong United Methodist Church in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya on December 11 – 16, 2012.

Every session of the central conference which meets every four years, delegates from the annual conferences elects bishops. They elect three bishops, Bishop Juan is running for re-election, retired Bishop Arichea is an ad interim bishop of Manila Area and is retiring from the position and Bishop Leo Soriano is retiring this year.

Bishop Rudy Juan, the incumbent bishop of the Baguio Episcopal Area was elected first during the 5th balloting. Bishop Pedro Torio Jr. who is a district superintendent from Ilocos was elected during the 19th balloting. And on 25th balloting Bishop Ciriaco Francisco, originally from Bulacan and former district superintendent was elected. An episcopal candidate must have at least two thirds vote to be elected.

Some candidates have conceded to give way for the candidates who have highest votes and didn’t acquired the two thirds votes even the woman candidate in the person of DS Helen Cunanan of Pampanga who conceded and hoping she would have a woman bishop.

A service of retirement was also held in honor of the Bishop Leo Soriano of Davao Episcopal Area.


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