“Pamaskong Handog sa mga Katutubo” – Christmas Cheers with the Indigenous People

The “Bayan ni Hesus – Pamayanang Katutubo” the Indigenous Community Ministries of STPPAC has launched a Christmas program for the indigenous people they served both in General Nakar and in Calauag, Quezon.

Initiated by its director – Rev. Marven Chavarria (Kalayaan UMC) will raise funds to give slippers specially to the children with toys, school supplies and candies. The team also plans to give a bag of goods which includes rice, canned goods, and others to every families. This is to share the spirit of Christmas which is of love with the indigenous people who are in some way foreign to the Christmas holiday. Christmas may seem to be a season of merry making to them and a opportunity to recieve gifts but must be inculcate to them that this season is the season we celebrate God’s greatest gift to humankind who is Jesus called the Christ who will lead us to abundant life and life to the fullest.

It is a challenge to the team that the Christian message should be carefully taught unto them acknowledging thier current beliefs and practices and culture. They should see Jesus from their own perspective and experience so that they will really experience the gospel according to their situation and culture. And should be realized that through Jesus we envision a community or a society that reflects justice and peace.

The funds for Christmas cheers will serve as the counterpart of the Conference to this ministry with the indigenous people being the recipient of the ethnic local church grant of General Board of Church and Soceity of the United Methodist Church. The team will be requesting to conduct special offering for the IPs and some of the team will speak to selected churches to promote this ministry.


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