What’s with Black and White Theme?

Why the black and white theme for the web site of the Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference? The Commission on Communications which was responsible for the communications need of the annual conference especially its web site supports the protest against the recently signed Cyber Crime Law in the Philippines.

Mostly seen in social network media sites supporters of Anti Cyber Crime Law expressed their opposition to the Law by putting up black picture or graphic in their picture profiles. And many of them posted several sentiments describing the Law as contrary to the constitutional rights and freedom of expression especially of people using Internet for expressing views and opinions.

Though the said Law aims to restrict the use of latest technology such as computers and Internet against from true cyber crimes such as pornography, prostitution and the like but according to the media a provision for libel was inserted in into the law that will penalized persons or users posted any article, comment or any kind of statements that is offensive. This was seen as limiting of the rights of the people to express their ideas, comments and sentiments.

Inspite the government’s declaration that true criminals in the Internet will be punished but that certain provision still can be used to any person accused of writing offensive ideas especially in the Internet.

Currently, some senators and a group of journalist along with signature campaign submitted to repeal the said law.

Not only writers or journalist are  affected by this but also even Christians who stand on their faith and expressed his or her vision of how the government is doing in relation to the righteousness of God. Some Christians practice  their prophetic calling condemning practices and system that fall from God’s glory and will. Though there is nothing to fear when pronouncing God’s word but it is also a Christian’s duty of expressing denouncement on certain actions made by the government as he or she sees as repugnant to the will of God.

Even John Wesley in spreading the gospel of Christ and ministering with the poor he analyze the situation of his society and actively vocal in his opinions or ideas regarding the government actions that does not reflect God’s will.

This sign of protest also is a way to promote awareness for all Christians even United Methodist to be not just observant but actively involve in the society as we bring God’s kingdom here on earth.


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