Lay Organizations

Young People Leaders held Leadership Camp

The UMYF officers of Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference including the officers of the districts held a 2 day leadership camp at Pacita UMC last August 31 – September 1, 2012 at Pacita UMC in San Pedro, Laguna.

Discipleship is the main thrust for the biennial (2-year) term of the UMYF conference and district officers. The said leadership camp aims to equip them about discipleship and disciple making ministry. They also planned to design the program of the biggest youth activity of the district – the Christmas Institute (CI) which is held every December 26 – 30 to discipleship. This will be a joint activity of Laguna District and Quezon District and will be an activity of the annual conference UMYF.

The program aims to start discipleship groups among the local churches and shall be initiated by the officers of the annual conference and districts. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the young people especially from Laguna District and Quezon District.

A leadership training for the Christmas Institute will be held on October to orient themselves of the program for the CI proper. The title of CI will be “I AM – Impart and Multiply”

The delegates of the Leadership Camp of the UMYF with Rev. Dexter Ceballos – pastor of Pacita UMC


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