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11 evacuation centers were serviced by UMCOR Phils volunteers providing free purified water

evacuation center in San Jose Elementary School in Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Eleven evacuation centers in Sta. Cruz, Laguna where the victims of severe flooding caused by monsoon rains last August stays where serviced by 2 UMCOR Philippines volunteers providing free purified drinking water. And they planned to stay for a few weeks or a month for the program. About 1, 000 families were situated to 11 public school around the town including in the Laguna University – a state university.

Almost a month has past since the monsoon rains caused for the second time severe flooding along the communities near the river and the lake in the town. Though the flood is beginning to subside the flood water is still waist to chest high. And the people who were affected by the flood might spend another month in the evacuation centers.

The UMCOR Philippines volunteers were accompanied by Rev. Nathaniel Francisco of Sta. Cruz UMC who himself was affected by the flood water which the church located in Baranggay Santisima in Umboy area where the water reached up to the chest. He is currently staying in Jesus Reigns UMC in Pila, Laguna a town nearby. Two young people also are volunteering for the work. They are going around the evacuation centers everyday with the water purifying unit which used UV light as disinfectant and purifies deep well water to be a drinking water.

All people liked the water and also they would no longer buy commercial purified water while they are in such situation.

The water purifier was given by the Global Medic for the UMCOR Philippines to provide free purified water for the victims of the flooding.


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