District Updates

District Meetings were held last September 8, 2012 of Laguna and of Quezon


The Lay and Workers District Meeting of both districts the Laguna and Quezon were held last September 8, 2012. The Laguna District had its meeting at Masapang Mission in Victoria, Laguna and Quezon District met at Kalinangan UMC in Calauag, Quezon. 

The Laguna District also allot time distributing goods to the different baranggays near the Masapang church one in Pulong Dayap and one in Benito. It is an opportunity also helping the church in its outreach ministries in the community. 

The Quezon District held their overnight meeting at Kalinangan UMC were they conducted a lecture entitled “Survery of the Bible” given by lay speaking ministry chair Rev. Mervin Montano which was set on Friday night. The meeting proper was held on Saturday and volunteer in mission in Kalinangan UMC – Daisy Francia gave the meditation. It also implemented the conference program of 999 or the “Kamanggagawa ko, Mahal ko” a fund raising program aims to give augmentation to financial support for pastor who are under paid. 



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