Raising the symbol of Filipino sovereignty, culture and identity – a Christian stewardship of culture

On June 12 will celebrate the Philippines’ national independence from Spanish colonial rule. It was on this date the Philippine flag was first raised in the mansion of Emilio Aguinaldo in the time of the declaration of independence. Though only for a short time because of the coming of the Americans the Philippines experienced a short lived Republic.

It was one of the Filipino pride that the nation has assert itself against any foreign domination and assert its own identity. Though the freedom the Philippines experienced was also known were sponsored by the Americans when it bought it from Spain and entered the Philippine soil. So much for the issues that goes around the Philippine independence but it provides the nation and every Filipino a sense of being one that is not make up by a foreign control.

An identity of the Filipino as a Filipino may provide every Filipino a sense of being and fulfillment of the individual self. Though to some or to many it doesn’t matter for them it it not benefit them such “being” as one of the masses will tell cannot be eaten in the starving nation. Maybe that’s the reason why these people want to exchange their being a Filipino to being a Spanish or American or any one at least they would survive. But in recognition of that “being” as a Filipino has more opportunity that provides him not just for survival but for fulfillment of life. And its one mission of the Christian gospel not just to save one’s soul but his being. The gospel teaches that through Christ one will experience life everlasting even life to the fullest. And his being, his culture will serve as his resources a context in which he will live his life or the community that acknowledges the Lordship of Christ will enrich their life also and as result their culture.

Empowering his being as a Filipino his language and culture will empower him and equip him for the opportunity of the fullness of life the gospel offers him. God has placed every each of us on specific locations, culture to reflect diverse richness of God’s glory and grace that manifested in the human life.

As we remember and recognize our being we are looking on the direction God has purpose us to do to a destiny of richness of life.

Mervin Anthony Montano


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