Pursuing Peace with Justice

Rev. Dexter Ceballos of Pacita UMC and also the national youth coordinator gae a lecture on peace with justice Biblical foundations

The United Methodist Church’s commitment to transform the world through making disciples of Jesus Christ is expressed in its Peace with Justice ministries. It aims to pursue the social holiness which is the application of loving our neighbor and the prophet Micah’s call of act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God. This reflects in the ministry of the Wesley advocating for the poor and the slaves of their time which contemporary United Methodist continues to follow.

The Peace with Justice Sunday aims to collect offerings from all local churches among the denomination and portion of it funds variety of wonderful programs: support of peace centers, justice ministries, projects around the world, scholarships and internships.

“The other half goes primarily to the General Board of Church & Society, where it supports our Peace with Justice ministry. Through it, we helped secure passage of the New START treaty to limit nuclear weapons, work for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, oppose development of more weapons systems, and support debt relief for the poorest nations of the world”, according to Jim Winkler the General Secretary of General Board of Church & Society of the United Methodist Church.

“On behalf of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, we create dissonance between truth and mythology. Like Jesus, we are part of a community of resistance to the notion that wars can be just and that warfare can solve problems. We envision a world not dominated by the military, the secret police, spies and intelligence agencies. We witness to the lies, waste and fraud perpetrated by the weapons manufacturers and military contractors” added by Winkler.

The Southern Tagalog Provisional Conference has been recipient of the Peace with Justice Grant in its Just Peace program and also the Kongreso ng Kabataan (Congress of the Youth). It aims to educate our churches even our young people to participate in the peace with justice ministries of our church. The Kongreso ng Kabataan was held in their last Summer Institute 2010 entitled “Follow us to Christ”.

“We want to be a part of changing the lives of others through sharing with them the Word of God and to do whatever is needed through our advocacy.” —Angelica Justiniano,
UMYFP president, Southern Tagalog Philippines Provisional AC.

Check out this article regarding the participation of young people in the peace with justice ministry.

This web site promotes Peace with Justice Sunday, check this link Peace with Justice Sunday

Photo gallery of the Summer Institute 2010 “Follow us to Christ” and the “Kongreso ng Kabataan”

Photo gallery of the Just Peace League “Peace with Justice Seminar”


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