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“Manggagawa ko, Mahal ko” Fund raising program for the clergy

The local pastors which were presented by the Board of the Ordained Ministry in a clergy session among which receives less compensation than expected

“Manggagawa ko, Mahal ko” is a fund raising project proposed by the district superintendent of Laguna – Rev. Joel Capulong and was adopted by the Council of Finance and Administration (CFA) which aims to augment church workers’ compensation. The program was launched in a Council of Ministries (COM) meeting in San Pablo UMC last year presented by CFA chair Donaldo Ducot. It hopes to gather church members to pledge an amount of P 999 every year.

Many Church workers especially in the small membership churches and rural community churches receives a compensation below the standard set by the Equitable Salary and Compensation inspite of the subsidy provided by the annual conference. One causes of which is late remittances of churches’ tithe or apportionment the amount mandated by the conference for churches’ financial contribution.

The bishop on his episcopal address describing a vital congregation in which he challenges the churches to pursue it characterizes a congregation faithful even in giving especially through tithing. Tithing according to the Bible is required giving by the Lord to bless not only the Lord’s temple but also a way to bless the whole community. It was carried on by Apostle Paul in his second letter to Corinthians that by giving of what was required (tithe) and extra mile giving they would expect more blessing from God.

There are some criticism among the clergy that it might burden the church members or worst it may replace their tithe. Though it was a “voluntary” giving the challenge was it will be a project of the laity to support their church workers through ‘extra mile giving’. This is the CFA’s project in supporting the clergy in the midst of low resources.


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