Regular Annual Conference Session

4th Session of STPPACE Concludes

Service of Consecration and Scattering as STPPACE 4th Session Concludes

The 4th session of the Southern Tagalog Philippines Provisional Annual Conference concludes which was held at Pacita UMC and church workers pastors, deaconesses and lay workers recieves their new appointments. The two district superintendents were re-appointed by ad interim bishop for Manila Episcopal Area Bishop Daniel Arichea Jr. namely Rev DS Joel Capulong for Laguna District and Rev. Joseph Flores for Quezon District.

The Cabinet has assigned Rev. Marven Chavarria to Kalayaan UMC in Kalayaan, Laguna and also as a Director to Indigenous People Ministry the new project of STPPACE which was approved funding from the General Board of Church and Soceity through the Ethnic Local Church Grant.

The Bishop challenges the churches on his address to pursue vital congregations as one primary focus of ministry. He provides the general church’s description of vital congregations which were vital worship, dynamic preaching, radical hospitality, and transforming ministries.

The name of the provisional annual conference was corrected and to be process by its Board of Trustees especially for incorporation purposes. The name “Southern Tagalog Provisional Philippines Annual Conference East” which was commonly used was corrected to “Southern Tagalog Philippines Provisional Philippines Annual Conference”. The original name wants to retain its identity to the old Philippines Annual Conference East as its mother Conference. And the name “Provisional” should be with the name “Annual Conference” to describe the type of conference is. But it was put before the name “Philippines” to retain the name of the original Conference which weas PACE. Now the name “Provisional” was put with the name “Annual Conference” and the name “East” was dropped down.

The Session includes “Bible Clinic” as its Bible study time in the Conference where the delegates can ask any questions from the Bible to Bishop Arichea who was an International Consultant in the United Bible Soceities. This was a regular program in every annual conference session presided by Bishop Arichea.


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