Regular Annual Conference Session

4th Annual Conference Session Starts

The 3rd Session of STPPACE held in Pacita UMC which will again the venue for the 4th Annual Conference Session

The 4th annual conference session of the Southern Tagalog Provisional Philippines Annual Conference East starts today April 9, 2012 and expects to end on April 11, 2012 to be held at Pacita United Methodist Church in San Pedro, Laguna and ad interim bishop of the Manila Episcopal Area Bishop Daniel Arichea will preside.

This will be the second time the annual conference be held in Pacita UMC which now have gone some renovations and painting. And for the first time the delegates of a provisional annual conference will experience a host who have air conditioned venue from one of their own. Pacita UMC plans to operate its airconditioned sanctuary in their celebration of Easter Sunday on April 8 the day before the sanctuary as told by its administrative pastor – Rev. Dexter Ceballos.

The some delegates especially the clergy will be coming in afternoon of April 8 Sunday as the Board of the Ordained Ministry will meet and held its regular interview for pastors entering and renewing its relation to the Conference.

The Conference will begin with a Worship Service at 2 PM remembering church workers who have already died. This year the Conference plans to honor Rufo Pera a lay mission worker and a father to many church workers who have died this year. In the morning the Bishop will meet with the clergy and this will be a time also for the Committee on Deaconess Service will meet.

The Conference may expect to end early as there will be no pastor will be ordained or commissioned neither a deaconess to be consecrated or commissioned too. Only the Service of commissioning for the district superintendent and scattering which the most awaited event in the Conference will end the conference session.

Other news and update will be posted here including the new church appointments of the church workers.


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