STPPACE Joins the Christian World in Keeping the Holy Week

Baptism for new members are usual activities during Easter worship services

The churches of STPPACE both Laguna and Quezon Districts have its own way of keeping the Holy Week. All churches conducts Holy Communion Service on Holy Thursday and some re-enacts the washing of the feet as Jesus have done to his disciples after his last supper with them. Also, the churches join other Christian churches in remembering the seven last words of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday. Some lay preachers were given a chance to share their reflection on the last words of Christ.

On the cluster 1 churches of Laguna District as it traditionally does gathers in one place for the service of the last words of Christ. This Holy Week they will conduct a joint Good Friday service in Kalayaan, Laguna.

On Easter, all churches celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection on an early morning service. Some churches conducts its Sunrise Service as it is called on beaches so they could also conduct baptism for new members. Aside from the cluster 1 churches of Laguna, the churches of the cluster in Calauag, Quezon gathers for Sunrise Service in a sea side area of Lopez (Baranggay Hondagua).

The Lent and Easter continues to inspire church members of their faith in Christ and in service in the church and in the community.


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