News and Updates / Regular Annual Conference Session

Bearing Hope, Remembering and Releasing

ERRATUM: the upcoming annual conference session this April is the fourth session and not third as written in a former article here. The article was now corrected.

The final sub theme for the quadrennium for the annual conferences for this year is “Bearing Hope, Remembering and Releasing” in connection to quadrennial theme of the United Methodist Church “A Future with Hope”.

This will be the sub theme for the upcoming fourth Annual Conference Session of Southern Tagalog Provisional Philippines Annual Conference East which will be held at Pacita UMC in San Pedro, Laguna.

It is a timely reminder for the current situation of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines especially that some of pastors, key lay leaders and churches have seceded from the church and organize themselves as a new church. It is a challenge for both group the ones who remain in the UMC and the ones who left the church of how they deal this current situation in perspective of hope and preserving the unity as Christian brothers and sisters.


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