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Rufo Pera finished the race and kept the faith

Rufo Pera, father to pastors and deaconesses namely; Francis Pera, DS Cleto Pera, Cris Pera and deaconesses Felipina Pera-Irenea and Elisa Pera (deceased) and a church worker himself has joined our Lord last February 24, 2012.

His remains was buried at Villa Feliza of Baranggay Macatuy. Rev. DS Helen Cunanan of West Pampanga District delievered the sermon on the funeral service held last February 29, 2012 at the Sutarez Funeral Chapel. Rev. DS Zosimo Mabuti of Rizal District (RPACE) and Rev. DS Joseph Flores of Quezon District (STPPACE) also gave the meditation during the vigil held last February 27 and 28.

Rufo Pera is member of the Kalinangan United Methodist Church in Baranggay Pinagsakayan, of the town of Calauag, Quezon Province. He worked as a volunteer mission worker in surrounding baranggays was initially sponsored by Taytay UMC. He also pastored Capaluhan Mission Church in baranggay Capaluhan of Calauag and has administered the Tinambulan property owned by Philippines Annual Conference East.

He was also a town’s friend and served in public office as Baranggay councilor and also as Baranggay Captain.


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