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The 3rd Annual Conference Session of STPPACE succesfully concluded

The STPPACE 3rd annual conference session was successfully concluded. And Rev. Joseph Flores of Atimonan UMC was appointed by ad interim bishop – Daniel Arichea as the new district superintendent for the Quezon District.

The Rev. Marven Chavarria and Rev. Nathaniel Francisco were recently ordained elders and accepted full members of STPPACE. They were talented pastors who serve many churches in Quezon and in Laguna. Rev. Marven Chavarria, assistant pastor of the former DS Rev. Joe Vicente at the Grace in Faith Temple UMC. He originated from Atimonan UMC have worked with music ministry of the young people he himself a former youth leader. Rev. Nathaniel Francisco orginated from Taytay UMC and the only pastor from Taytay who remain serving the churches in STPPACE. He organized churches in Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija, in Tanay, Rizal and some others. He is presently the pastor of the congregation in Infanta and Real in Quezon Province and also in Siniloan, Laguna.


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