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‘Bayan ng Diyos’ created by STPPACE a ministry with the poor

In the recently concluded 3rd annual conference session, it approves the creation of the Bayan ng Diyos a church based community development program a special ministry with the poor. It was a proposal of the Conference Committee of Research and Project Development to be supervised by the Conference Board of Church and Society. Its pilot program is one of the three areas of its ministry which is the Pamayanang Katutubo – ministry with the indigenous people. The other ministries of the Bayan ng Diyos are ministries with the urban poor and the rural and farm communities.

The Pamayanang Katutubo aims to minister to the indigenous people in the Province of Laguna and in Quezon. STPPACE had already have conducted a ministry with the indigenous people when it was still the Laguna Quezon Mission District (of the former PACE) when it responded to the disaster victims of great landslide in Infanta, Nakar and Real Quezon. One of the affected communities are the Dumagats – a tribe which is related to the Aetas the first people who have resided in the pre-Spanish Philippines. This tribe were sometimes mobile and begging alms on the streets of the town. But they commonly resides in the mountains.

LQMD (now STPPACE) church workers and some lay people brought relief goods to the victims of landslide in Infanta and Nakar in Quezon which including Dumagats

The Project of the Pamayanang Katutubo hopes to put up a wholistic ministry that invloves education and literacy, livelihood and advocacy. It also had a component of doing research to analyze their culture and to appropriate the gospel of Christ in their own culture. It will focus on two areas where these people were located one is in the town of Infanta, Quezon and one in Lopez, Quezon.

The project aims to evangelize the community through works of love and mercy, compassion and justice and that they may know Jesus Christ as lord and savior. The project also aims to be approved recipient of the Ethnic Local Church Grant of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church.

The deaconesses teaching children of the fisher folks part of the activities of the Church workers' visitation in San Francisco, Quezon one of the farthest town in Quezon almost 500 kilometers from Manila.


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