Regular Annual Conference Session

STPPACE Church workers pleads postponement of the 3rd regular session

The District Conferences of Laguna and of Quezon passed a resolution to postpone the upcoming 3rd session of STPPACE which is set this May 25 – 27, 2011.

A crisis in the episcopal leadership is the main reason for this postponement. Currently, the elected bishop for the Manila Episcopal Area which STPPACE belongs is under suspension due to some complaint that is serve to him and an ad interim bishop is set to preside over the Conference. But majority of the clergy members believe that there’s a foul play regarding the suspension since it was not consulted with the committee of episcopacy as prescribe by the Book of Discipline – the book of order and polity of the United Methodist Church. Another suspension was served to him because he attended a separate session of a Conference in Nueva Ecija which is supposed to be presided by the ad interim bishop. Some said that the majority of the pastors attended the session with the suspended bishop rather than the ad interim for they fear of division would cause by him.

Recently, suspension after suspension was served by the college of bishop and consistently without consultation with the committee of episcopacy that the suspended bishop now wants to preside the Conferences under his jurisdiction. Even that the ad interim bishop wishes and calls for unity Conference it only ended up divided.

The church workers of STPPACE believes that the process was not served well and it is believed that the college of bishops is hiding something that is why they are using the case for the elected bishop of the MEA that they are serving multiple suspensions.


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