Support the Rural Poor – Support REACH – an Advance Project

Kalinangan UMC

A meeting f church members of the Kalinangan UMC - one of the rural church of STPPACE and majority members were coconut farmers

The Rural Empowerment and Agricultural Enhancement or REACH is conceptualize to provide a faith based community development for the rural poor. It aims to provided training programs for the rural community especially for farmers for new technology in farming and other related trainings to provide additional livelihood for them. The project also includes improvement of water system in the area.

Church members of Kalinangan UMC with the former district superintendent Rev. Igmedio Domingo Jr. (Center) of then Laguna Quezon Mission District now the STPPACE

Its target pilot community is located in the rural part of the town of Calauag, Quezon Province particularly in Sitio Tinambulan of Baranggay Pinagsakayan and also in the barranggay Liwayway of the town of Mauban also in Quezon Province.

The project aims to provide also spiritual formation in building communities for sustainable development. Believing that faith and action goes hand in hand for the development f the community.

This project is an approved Advance project with number # 3021226. You can help and donate and please refer to this link

REACH at the Advance web site (GBGM – UMC)


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