Church Lot for Calauag UMC – An Advance Project

Church members of Calauag UMC with Pastor Mervin Montano (standing, third from left) and some members of Lopez Mission with their Pastor Marven Chavarria (standing, fourth from left) during a charge conference in 2004 presided by the former DS Rev. Igmedio Domingo Jr.

Calauag United Methodist Church is one of the few churches in the Southern Tagalog provisional Philippines Annual Conference East of the United Methodist Church have no church lot and sanctuary. Currently it rents an apartment to hold worship services for the church and serves as parsonage for the pastor assigned.

It is situated in a small town of Calauag in the Province of Quezon, Philippines. Its members were majority low income families and could hardly support even their pastor. Though the church receives subsidy for financial support for the salary of the pastor from the District (Quezon).

There are fund raising projects were conducted but raise only a small amount. It includes farming project that receives additional income but only when theres a good harvest season for the copra industry. Some have donated cash even from a United Methodist in the US to support the church.

The church now aims to raise an amount at least P 200, 000 ( around $ 5000) to purchase a a 200 square meter lot. Currently the church has a cash on hand with an amount of P 60, 000 ($ 1500) it needs P 120, 000 in order to purchase the target lot.

Members of Calauag UMC at present (photo taken this 2011) with their Pastor Leonardo Bal ot ( standing 4th from the left)

The purchase of the lot would not just help the members of the church but would expand its ministries and mission in the community and the surrounding town.

This fund raising project is an approved Advance project with number # 3021227.

We encourage you to help please refer to this site

Calauag UMC at theAdvance web site (GBGM – UMC)


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