Advancing the Mission of Christ, Advancing the Mission and Ministries of STPPACE – an Advance project

The Southern Tagalog Provisional Philippines Annual Conference East aims to advance Christ’ kingdom in its region through its member local churches situated in the Province of Laguna and of Quezon.

A Congregation Development Planning Program would provide venue for the church workers – the pastors and the deaconesses with the laity to plan to equip the churches for expansion of ministries and mission.

Its primary mission is to realize the gospel of Christ in the region covering the provinces of Laguna and of Quezon where both urban and industrial communities and also rural and agricultural. In the light of the one of the ministry focus of the United Methodist Church which is “Eliminating Poverty”, it aims to eliminate poverty through the Gospel of Christ a gospel of love, righteousness and justice.

The training would allow the church workers who receives low salary would avail such training to equip them in their respective ministries.

This is an approved Advance project with number 3021215. We encourage you to help please refer to this link

STPPACE Congregational Development at the Advance web site (GBGM – UMC)


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